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Agency and Trustee

To support its continuous growth, Bangladesh needs more and more advancement in its economy and industries which require additional financing locally and globally. Different financial instruments have been continuously used to meet this financial need. As a result, the importance of the presence of Trustee and Agency in the transaction has emerged to ensure investors’ or lenders’ rights and compliance requirements.

At UCB Investment Limited (UCBIL), our experienced team provides the service of a Trustee, Facility and Security Agent and Issuing and Paying Agent to ease financial transactions by ensuring different compliance requirements.

As a Trustee or Agency, we conduct due diligence on the financial and transactional documents as and when required as per relevant law of the country, act in the best interest of the Investors and Lenders as per relevant trust deeds and Agency Agreements, monitor and administrate the trust, act as a point of contact between Issuer/Borrower and Investors/Lenders group, ensure timely and seamless transactional supports, coordinate legal procedures on behalf of the Investors and Lenders within the scope of relevant law and agreements.