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Local and Foreign Loan Syndication

Bangladesh, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, has undertaken massive development initiatives to enrich the lives of its people. As a part of this development, the number of new projects, project expansions, business entities and financial institutes are increasing at the same pace. To support Greenfield Projects or Expansion Projects, Syndication Financing or Club Financing is a popular means to Corporates and Financial Institutes.

However, At UCB Investment Limited (UCBIL), we cater to the need of clients whose needs are complex and unconventional. Our Structured Finance team helps them in every step of their transaction. From preparing necessary documents to funding, raising and collaborating with suitable local and foreign financial institutes, we serve on our best effort basis. Our highly experienced team with a global network is capable of executing simple Local Syndication and Club Financing deals to more complex transactions like DFI Funding, Special Fund arrangement from Central Bank like IPFF, GTF, ECA Financing, Foreign DFI Fund arrangements, Arrangement of International Guarantee and so on.