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Fixed Income Securities

Bangladesh has invested billions of dollars in mega infrastructure projects that are expected to start operation within a few years. But, rolling these hard infrastructures on a consistent basis is only possible when the country simultaneously pursues the development of soft infrastructures like developing the capital market. Our dedicated expert team is working continuously to introduce new and innovative Fixed Income Securities structures for Financial Institutions and Corporate Houses to ensure a vibrant bond market exists for the benefit of all the market participants and potentially open doors for substantial fund flow through bonds from savers to investors. We have a strong footprint in arranging and listing different types of Bonds; which include- Perpetual Bonds and Sub-Ordinated Bonds for financial institutions, Convertible/Non-Convertible Zero-Coupon Bonds etc.

When we act as Arranger and Issue Manager, we provide full-fledged support to our clients –starting from analysing the requirement and structuring the product accordingly, preparing prospectus as per the latest rules and regulations, negotiating terms with the investors, assisting to get all necessary regulatory approvals, fund raising, completing documentation and listing of the bonds as and when required.