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Issue Management and Underwriting

With a team of professionally skilled and competent Investment Bankers, UCB Investment Limited provides a high quality of Issue Management services to their clients. Our Issue Management services include- Initial Public Offering (IPO), Rights Offering, Repeat Public Offering (RPO), Qualified Investors Offer (QIO), etc.

Our services include but are not limited to - valuation of the Issuer Company, preparation of Prospectus with the conformity of most updated law and regulations, carry out of the due diligence, review of material agreements with the assistance of legal counsel, appointments and coordination with the professional & regulatory bodies, representation of the company’s strength to the right investors, coordination with Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (BSEC) for the approval, coordination with the Financial Institutions and the underwriters, etc. UCBIL also participates in underwriting and helps in reducing risks in different public offerings. Overall, we pride ourselves on guiding issuers through the most challenging market conditions at every step of the proceedings.